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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

As a female, I am aware of the negative voice that can creep in about body image. Negative body image is one of the main reasons women give for not visiting a nude beach or club. Being a nudist has helped me silence the negativity, by replacing the negative voice with a kind self-assured voice. "You are perfect exactly the way you are." By silencing the negative voice I have embraced so many wonderful adventures as a nudist.

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2 comentários

25 de mar.

Beautifully said, Kathy. As a longtime nudist woman, I thank my husband Gary for introducing me and washing away any negativity and lack of confidence.👍👍❤️ Jan&Gary ❤️


08 de mar. de 2023

As one who is prone to be my harshest critic, this has been my journey too. Self-assured starts with self-acceptance and naturism has been my vehicle.

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