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ImPerfect Tour

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Lupin Lodge, Los Gatos, CA

The drive into Lupin Lodge was a slow-going endeavor as the roads are windy and narrow.  We missed the turn-off which meant meandering farther up the ravine to find a place big enough to turn this 32 foot boat around. Totally the navigator's fault which just happens to be me. Oops.  Not an easy task on these back roads.  We got to the main entrance and were warmly greeted by the office staff.  Once set up for the weekend, we quickly made friends and shared the evening, and a few shots of whiskey, together. We walked around the grounds a bit before the rains came.  There are a lot of great places to sit and either be alone or to enjoy the company of friends. 


George Oberle, who has been instrumental in web design for Lupin and also for the AANR website, came out to meet us.  It is always great to put a face to a name and I want to thank him for taking the time to do so.  Thanks George. 


There were flood warnings in the area so there were not many people who ventured out to the park during our visit. But as they say, the show must go on and we don’t mind a little bit of rain. 


Andee: Saturday’s workshop had four women join in for an intimate time around the fire in the dining room.  One connection that seemed to resonate with us all was that of unkind words and how big of an impact that can have on us.  Those words continue to follow throughout our life until we figure out a way to change that narrative.  This is what I’ve accomplished in my life and one of the points I share with the women who attend the workshop. Changing the narrative sometimes means changing your way of life.  That is not always an easy task to accomplish. At the end of the session Curt volunteered to be our live model and we all joined in to write words of encouragement on her body. These included: Courage, Love, Talented, Acceptance, and Lovely.  I gave everyone a ImPerfect sticker and encouraged them to take one to share. 

Tom: I had one great conversation with a gentleman from Lupin on how to make our parks more appealing to young people. We also talked about AANR, which he did not know about, and how important it is to have AANR which continues to advocate for our freedom to be nude. 


Lori Kay Stout, the owner of Lupin Lodge, visited us in our RV Sunday afternoon.  She brought a bottle of wine from Paso Robles as a gift.  If you don’t know me yet, that is a very nice gift indeed.  Thank you Lori Kay.  We talked about the future of Lupin Lodge and what that might look like.  Many of you may know that Lupin is up for sale currently.  Lori Kay said there is some interest from a non-textile party.  A group is also trying to look into creating a co-op of interested members and perhaps getting a piece of property not far from the current location creating Lupin Two.  For now though, Lupin Lodge is open for business and wants to welcome all to come visit and stay. As always there are discounts for AANR and TNS members.  Visit their website for events this summer: Lupin Lodge Naturist Resort | Los Gatos Nudist Resort

The Sequoians, Castro Valley, CA

We arrived at the Sequoians Clothes-Free Club with a very warm welcome, people here are fantastic. The paved road was a little scary with a 32 foot motorhome. But there’s no problem if you just take it slow. Every person that wandered by stopped to say hello as we set up our campsite for the weekend. They have beautiful grounds among the trees with deer and fox wandering about. Recently there’s been wild pigs that have been tearing up their grounds and wreaking havoc for them.  


Andee: Saturday morning ten ladies joined in for the ImPerfect workshop.  Before we even started one woman asked me what my “Why” was.  “Why are you doing this?” I assured her she would know by the time I was done with my presentation.  As I began, I invited anyone who wanted to grab a marker and posterboard to write down words that spoke to them.  Words are powerful and have the ability to build us up, sometimes in surprising ways.  As I spoke, the ladies would write down words that were meaningful to them. At the end of the presentation, I ask for someone to be a living art piece.  The woman who asked me what my why was volunteered.  We wrote words of encouragement on her body: Strong, Confident, Great Singer, Brave, & Friendly were the words chosen for her.  Her smile was infectious as she glowed from the encouraging words printed on her body. For hours afterwards we just sat and had an amazing time connecting with each other and finding out more about each other.  he Alonzo Stevens GAT Award after)  We talked about the club, AANR, expectations, and 


Tom: Our meeting started today at 11 am with nine of us. They had a lot of questions about AANR. One question was why AANR is not more visible with 100% clubs. We talked about why we are traveling to clubs being AANR self-proclaimed ambassadors. About AANR being a volunteer-based organization and that you have to put into it to get anything out of it. One thing you can do is send a director to AANR Regional meetings to get your voice heard. Meeting with other directors from the other clubs is very important to hear how things work or don’t work. Of course, we went over the standard question, “How do we get young people in?” You need to think about what the attraction is at your club to get them here? What are you offering them?  We had a great time with conversation going on for three hours with some snacks and beer. 


Andee spent several hours with Bill, club’s president, and Debra Sue Stevens. (Her late husband was Alonzo Stevens-whom the Alonzo Stevens GAT Award is named after.  I was absolutely thrilled to meet her and get to talk with her.  Bill and I also spent quality time going over what it is like to be a club president and all the responsibilities that go along with that position.  He shared his concerns with me and I documented those for my report at the end of this tour.  


Spending time with the amazing people at The Sequoians felt like I’d come home after a long time away.  Lots of camaraderie and connection on many different levels.  We will definitely be back to this gem of a club.  

A huge thank you to the Sequoians members for their hospitality and generosity. They did not charge us for our stay. We left feeling very refreshed and like we'd added to our family.  

Laguna Del Sol, Wilton, CA

Andee:  There were three incredible women who braved the rainstorm to get to the rec center here at Laguna Del Sol. It may have been the wet, dreary weather that kept many women away from joining in the ImPerfect workshop. 


We all moved to a table underneath the heat and huddled up together as it has been cold, cold, cold.  Usually I stand before the women nude, but that just wasn’t an option today.  As we talked, it felt very much like a lovely conversation between life-long friends as we chatted about our own experiences as I shared mine.  The intimacy of a small group lends for a very rich experience indeed. 


One reason for doing this tour was to inspire women to start a WINR group at each club. The community and camaraderie that develops in these groups is crucial for the journey to a better mental wellbeing. These ladies said they would take on that challenge.  The other is to have a WINR representative available at every club to be a liaison and greet single women traveling alone. This is a concern I’ve heard on multiple occasions.  Perhaps having that contact will make traveling alone not as daunting. 


Tom: I had one gentleman join me who traveled from the Sequoians, two hours away. It was a great conversation on life in the nudist community and what led us to choose it. We both agreed how easy it is to make meaningful relationships in the nudist community.  

We would like to thank Laguna Del Sol for waiving our day use fees. Much appreciated. Andee and Tom

The Willamettans, Springfield, OR

Andee: As I was preparing a charcuterie board to share with the women today, I wondered how many would venture out. While setting up the display tables with family photos, the ImPerfect swag, and AANR information, I was thrilled when woman after woman entered the lodge. All in all, twenty women came out to be a part of the first ImPerfect presentation.  I learned that one young woman that was visiting for the first time decided she wanted to join in.  What a privilege to be the first woman she heard from during her initial nudist experience. 


I spoke for just over an hour. At the end of the talk, I asked for a volunteer to be a living art piece. I got two.  We wrote words of encouragement on their bodies such as: precious, beautiful, brave, inspiring, valuable, worthy, beautiful soul, and many others.  Kari, who is also Miss December in the WOW calendar, said it was a very empowering act to remove her clothing and have people write words of encouragement about you on your body.  She left those words on her for the remainder of the night, and still had them on when we went for coffee and homemade muffins the next morning. 


Tom: Sixteen men joined me for the guys meet and greet. We had a great talk on how we can help with new men coming to clubs, understanding club life, and how everybody needs to be a representative for nudity in their club. 


I talked about AANR and why we are personally involved with the organization that promotes family values. I explained what AANR does because many don’t know. They belong to a 100% club but don’t really understand what AANR does for them. One huge benefit is they advocate and search for legislation that can affect our right to be nude.  


We discussed what we can do to help: volunteer at beaches that allow public nudity. One man said that if you see something that's not right, and there is an AANR sign out front, we need to do something about it. One man saw a sexual act happening and he asked a few more men to join him to approach the offenders. They explained that it was not an acceptable thing to do at this beach. 


One topic was why there are not younger people involved in the governing part of AANR. Tom explained that younger folks are still working in their professional careers which makes it difficult to commit to helping out at this point. All in all, a great time of discussion with more than half the men joining in the conversation. 


Many people came up to us that night and thanked us for being here. They said they felt empowered and enriched with the words we shared with them. One man was so inspired by the talk with Tom and said he would love to get involved in some way.   Two lovely women said they would be interested in starting a WINR group at the Willamettans. How incredible is that! I'd like to thank Jim, President of the club, for taking time out of his weekend for an interview with me about AANR participation at the club and primarily women's events in existence.  

Andee and Tom would like to especially thank The Willamettans community for hosting us and paying our fees for our stay with them. That will make our tour budget stretch so much farther. Thank you! They were an absolutely phenomenal first stop on this tour.  Please check out this wonderful club @

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