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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Because I have been loved, encouraged and appreciated throughout my life, I have always been a confident woman. That has been a life long blessing. The confidence you gain and give to the world/community will allow others to share and see in your true beauty. Now, all of us have wavered in our confidence at some point or maybe you are just starting your journey of self confidence. I wish to remind you that being or finding your confidence is NOT a solo game... confidence can be found and strengthened by investing in a genuine and healthy community. This allows you to begin or regain strength and self love. I have lived and witnessed this throughout my nudist life, women regaining and recognizing their own confidence! It is beautiful to see and be a part of their journey. A nude life can uplift you, give you an opportunity to see your own uniqueness and be able to embrace your own beautiful light that glows from within you. Please believe in yourselves, you are good enough, you are unique and so special. You are all so beautiful. Try to be approving of yourselves, everyday, every hour and every minute. "Self confidence is a super power, when you believe in yourself...magic starts happening!" Unknown Wild blessings to you! Love, Kari


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Thank you for your post, Kari.👍 Nudism has improved my confidence and body acceptance I have to thank my husband Gary for introducing me. Jan&Gary 👍❤️

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