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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I am new to Nudism and can honestly say I have come a long way. I grew up with a mother that said constantly, “If you don’t stay thin you will never get a man." I am a small person and have never had weight issues but the scale gives me anxiety. I almost have to strip naked (jewelry and all) to get weighed at the doctor's office. They don’t like when I do that in the hallway in public (lol).

At age 60, my 90 year old mother still criticizes me. I still look in the mirror

thinking things are not right and I will be judged. It wasn’t until my first day as a nudist

at The Willamettans that I turned to my fiancé and said, “ I found my

people.” No judgement! I feel free and I love that I don’t worry about

anything when I am there. I couldn’t have found a better place for me

where not only I fit in, but I believe these will be my friends for life.

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2 comentários

30 de mar.

I remember my first visit to a nudist resort Glen Echo. My fear was unfounded and immediately felt comfortable helped by welcoming members. Jan Jan&Gary ☀️❤️


18 de jun. de 2023

Gorgeous 😍

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