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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I spent most of my lifetime trying to live up to others' expectations of who I was and what sort of person I should be. While I wasn't 'ashamed' of my body, I was only comfortable with being nude with my most closely trusted friends. It took over 50 years for me to discover why my life never quite felt 'right'.

When I realized that I was transgender - a woman's mind in a male body - it was a personal epiphany. When I began living as a woman, I suddenly felt whole, and personally validated. Yet even as I went through medical and legal transition, there were still certain aspects of my incompletely transitioned body which I was very uncomfortable with showing to others - even to very close friends.

But when I joined a local nudist resort, part way through my medical transition, my life changed again. The wonderful members of what I am now very proud to call my home resort welcomed and accepted me, and gave me the courage to not be ashamed of my body. I love my life now. As a nudist, I can be my TRUE SELF!

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Mar 25

What a beautiful story, Ceera. I am so happy that nudism has helped you gain acceptance of yourself and your nudist community family. Jan&Gary 👍👍❤️

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