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Helen Reddy sang “I am woman, I am strong,” and the importance of this statement hit me in my early '20s and influenced my life and the direction it took. Now as a woman in my early '70s, I would add, “I am a nudist,” accepting and rejoicing in myself, scars and all. Strong has become my mantra, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. For me, it means dealing with life head on with love and the inner strength we all have that makes us strong. As a nearly lifetime nudist, "Strong" includes many things-humor, a willingness to laugh or at least smile at ourselves, and encompasses empathy, listening, caring, love, and the spirit to stay "Strong", sometimes when we least feel it.

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Mar 25

Beautiful inspiring word “Strong” Sharon. As a longtime nudist woman, for me the word rings strong.👍👍❤️ Jan of Jan&Gary ❤️

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