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Women Empowering Women

I have heard it said too many times.

"I hate my body."

Many women never learn to love themselves or their body.

I was one of them!

I always hated my body, even when I only weighed 116 pounds.


That is until I became a nudist.

Once I let go of my negative thoughts and focused on only the positive, my self-esteem skyrocketed. I am looking for other women who have also experienced this freedom so that we can empower them to do the same. 

During the month of March I would like to flood social media with women who inspire other women. I am looking for women who would like to be a part of this project. If you know of one such woman, or two, or three, please send them this information or have them contact me, Andee Rodgers, WINR Chair.


word collage.png

Step 1:Choose a word, or two, or a quote that speaks to you.

Step 2:Take a picture of yourself with your chosen word(s) painted on your body. Use lipstick if you'd like or anything that will show clearly. Also, please try to use an artful setting. No photos taken in a bedroom setting please.

Step 3: Sign an AANR photo release.

Step 4: Send your photo and release to

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